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Bruce Springsteen covers – December 2012

Bruce Springsteen covers: 2013 is soon here, and I have been busy with all the Christmas stuff. Anyways…While the Wrecking Ball Tour is on a break. Here’s some Bruce Springsteen fan covers I’ve found from YouTube: The Four Roads – Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen) Kingdahl – Cover Me (Bruce Springsteen Cover) Brandon Hassur – Tenth

How to upload and name YouTube videos

Uploading videos to YouTube, and how to name them properly While the tour is on a break. Here’s a short guide how to upload videos onto YouTube, and how to name videos properly: Uploading videos onto YouTube is fairly easy. Just click the upload button on top right corner, and selection page comes up: Once

How the Youtube videos get picked

How the Youtube videos get picked to the Bruce Springsteen tour specials: How the Bruce Springsteen videos to the concert specials gets added: Now that’s a strange formula: Let’s say that Bruce Springsteen plays at the Helsinki, Finland: 1. Next day pretty much every possible clip from this show gets added (that I can find),