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Review of High Hopes album

My review of the new Bruce Springsteen & Tom Morello album “High Hopes” I wanted to make this review when I hold the CD in my hand, but Bruce Springsteen & Co decided to make full album “stream” available. Maybe because the album leaked way too early? I have already used the album cover too

Bruce Springsteen High Hopes album leaked

January 1, 2014 – New Bruce Springsteen album High Hopes leaked – Where to download? Release date for the upcoming Bruce Springsteen album High Hopes is just few weeks away. Apparently Amazon leaked the MP3s by mistake, and now they are all over the place. Please do not ask me for torrent/download links. I haven’t

My thoughts about the new Springsteen album High Hopes

Upcoming Bruce Springsteen album High Hopes (2014) – My thoughts Let’s start with the cover. Bruce started using Twitter in last August (2013), and clearly he is following the latest trends with the Instagram styled album covers. High Hopes (the album) and single both have similar Instagram styled photos. High Hopes album cover has double