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Bruce Springsteen – Articles Collection (Part 2)

Bruce Springsteen – Articles Collection (Part 2) – Articles from 2013 Australian Tour First part was more successful than I thought. In case you missed all those Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band’s 2013 Australian tour specials. Here’s all the article links collected from those specials: Bruce Springsteen – 2013 Articles Part 2: BRUCE Springsteen knows

Status of the Brucetapes Bruce Springsteen fan blog

Why there haven’t been any Bruce Springsteen updates lately? No, I haven’t been drinking. Reason why there haven’t been any updates lately: Well, the Wrecking Ball tour is currently on a break, and I’m simply “Bruced out”. I’m sure that every Bruce Springsteen fan knows the term. I don’t want to force myself to update

How the Youtube videos get picked

How the Youtube videos get picked to the Bruce Springsteen tour specials: How the Bruce Springsteen videos to the concert specials gets added: Now that’s a strange formula: Let’s say that Bruce Springsteen plays at the Helsinki, Finland: 1. Next day pretty much every possible clip from this show gets added (that I can find),