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New Book alert! Springsteen: Album by Album

New Bruce Springsteen book alert! Springsteen: Album by Album I went to Amazon to see if there are any new upcoming Bruce Springsteen books, and this caught my attention. “With in-depth explorations of 17 studio albums spanning over 40 years of music history, Springsteen is the definitive book on “The Boss.” Bruce Springsteen stands astride

Bruce Springsteen Books 2013-2014 – New and upcoming

2013-2014 Bruce Springsteen book releases Collecting all the recent and upcoming Bruce Springsteen books under this blog post. Springsteen on Springsteen: Interviews, Speeches, and Encounters (Musicians in Their Own Words) [Hardcover] “Springsteen on Springsteen offers fans an extensive look at the artist’s own spoken words over the past four decades, via Q&A-formatted articles, speeches, and

Upstage, Springsteen and Me – Albee Tellone

Upstage, Springsteen and Me Has anyone got more details about this book? I’m a huge fan of early Bruce Springsteen bands: “Steel Mill, Bruce Springsteen Band, Dr Zoom & The Sonic Boom…, and this book might shed more light from that era… Too bad that there is only a Kindle version of this book available?