Video: Bruce Springsteen 2012 Moncton – Thunder Road & No Surrender

Bruce Springsteen – No Surrender & Thunder Road videos from 2012-08-26 Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Two Bruce Springsteen videos (No Surrender & Thunder Road) from 2012-08-26 Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada uploaded to the Brucetapes YouTube account:

Bruce Springsteen – No Surrender (Live):

Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road (Live):

Not the most rare songs out there, but they have pretty solid picture by videoblaster101, and audio source by cikubw(?). Thunder Road starts from blank screen, and about 15 secs the picture comes in. Both videos are stabilized, and then slightly sharpened, as the stabilizing part always zooms in the videos a bit (I think the setting was 112%).

Audio is heavily remastered. I won’t be “remastering” the whole bootleg. So, please do not ask for it. I’m busy enough with this site already. 🙂


Video: Youtube (  – Both videos
Audio: FOB CA-14 cardioids > Tascam DR07mkII (24/48) > SD Card > Audacity (normalize, remove loud claps, amplify, dither 24 bit to 16 bit) > CDWAV for tracking > Traders Little Helper > FLAC (level 8)

Software used to make this video: Sony Movie Studio 10 HD Suite (Video) + Reaper 4.25 (Audio) + vReveal 2 (Video)

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1978-09-20 – “Douceur de Vivre” Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ – JEMS 2011 release

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – “Douceur de Vivre”

New audio source from the 1978-09-20 Capitol Theatre show:

Title: Douceur de Vivre

Date: September 20, 1978
Location: Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ

JEMS Archive

2011 transfer: 1/2-track, 15 IPS master soundboard reels > azimuth-adjusted playback on professional reel to reel > 24/96 capture > Wavelab 5.0 edit and mastering > iZotope MBIT+ resample to 16/44.1 > FLAC

01 Good Rockin’ Tonight
02 Badlands
03 Spirit in the Night
04 Darkness on the Edge of Town
05 Independence Day
06 The Promised Land
07 Prove It All Night
08 It’s My Life
09 Thunder Road
10 Jungleland
11 Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town
12 Fire
13 Candy’s Room
14 Because the Night
15 Point Blank
16 Kitty’s Back
17 Incident on 57th Street
18 Rosalita
19 Born to Run
20 Tenth Avenue Freeze-out (small patch at start from video soundtrack)
21 Detroit Medley
22 Twish and Shout (small patch at end from video soundtrack)

“JEMS could not be more thrilled to release this significant upgrade of the second show at the Capitol Theatre, one night removed from the historic radio broadcast that would go on to become one of, if not the most bootlegged recordings in Springsteen history, Piece De Resistance. In homage to that bootleg classic, we’ve titled the upgraded second night Douceur de Vivre, which translates to “the sweetness of life.”

And how sweet this set is, with a looser vibe than that of its predecessor and a few key set-list changes, including “It’s My Life,” the first “Santa Claus” since December 1975 and the rare-but-always-welcome coupling of “Incident on 57th Street” directly into “Rosalita.”

We’re fortunate to have many excellent recordings from Springsteen’s greatest tour, among them the five radio broadcasts (now including the upgraded Atlanta pre-FM JEMS released last year) and numerous other soundboard tapes such as those from Portland (June 24) and Charleston, WV (August 4). What makes Douceur de Vivre so special is that it, like the radio broadcast the night before, was professionally recorded on reel to reel by a mobile recording truck outside the theatre.

What we get is a live-as-it-happened recording of incredible clarity: If you ever wanted to learn the individual parts each band member is playing, this is the tape for you. Which isn’t to say that it is a multi-track, mixdown recording; this is a raw, mixed-on-the-fly, wide stereo recording done on 1/2 track at 15 inches per second. Compared to the cassette sources circulating of other raw board tapes from this tour, the quality here should be a revelation. A 24/96 edition will be forthcoming. Samples provided.

The transfer was handled as JEMS did for last year’s upgrade of The Ties That Bind so I’ll quote those notes: “There was baking involved, as the tapes had degraded in the [33 years that had passed]. This time, the reel-to-reel tape deck was best of breed, what the pros use, in a proper studio, calibrated and adjusted in every way for optimal playback and capture at 24/96 using the best possible sound card, cabling, etc.”

There are two missing pieces on the new reels, at the start of “Tenth Avenue Freeze-out” and the end of “Twist and Shout.” We’ve patched those from the video soundtrack. On the bright side, “Thunder Road,” “Jungleland” and “Incident on 57th Street” are all complete here unlike the circulating board tape.

The release of Douceur de Vivre is sure to coincide with the announcement of new 2012 tour dates, and once those dates begin, collector focus move to new recordings, so we wanted to get this out ahead of time. Now if only there were an upgraded video source to go with this audio…

Please respect our wishes DO NOT post this on DIME.
Wayne Darlington”

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