Book: Counting Down Bruce Springsteen: His 100 Finest Songs

New Book alert: Counting Down Bruce Springsteen: His 100 Finest Songs

Book Counting Down Bruce Springsteen His 100 Finest Songs

It’s always fun to read what other people think about Bruce Springsteen songs. This book has been out for a while, but it surely looks interesting.

“For 40 years, Bruce Springsteen has held center stage as the quintessential American rock and roll artist, expressing the hopes and dreams of the American everyman and every woman through his vast array of insightful and inspirational songs. In Counting Down Bruce Springsteen: His 100 Finest Songs, rock writer Jim Beviglia dares to rank his finest songs in descending order from the 100th to his no. 1 greatest song.

In this unique book, Beviglia reflects not only on why each song has earned its place on list but lays out the story behind each of the 100, supplying fresh insights on the musical and lyrical content of Springsteen’s remarkable body of work. Counting Down Bruce Springsteen brings together critical historical and biographical information to explain the making and importance of each song to its listeners, painting a fascinating portrait of Springsteen as a major American songwriter and consummate recording artist.

Counting Down Bruce Springsteen is the perfect playlist builder, whether it is for the diehard fan or the newbie just getting acquainted with the work of the Boss!”

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New Book alert! Springsteen: Album by Album

New Bruce Springsteen book alert! Springsteen: Album by Album

I went to Amazon to see if there are any new upcoming Bruce Springsteen books, and this caught my attention.

Springsteen Album by Album book cover

“With in-depth explorations of 17 studio albums spanning over 40 years of music history, Springsteen is the definitive book on “The Boss.” Bruce Springsteen stands astride the rock ‘n’ roll stage like a colossus. Renowned for his passionate songwriting, galvanizing live shows, and political activism, the iconic rocker shows no signs of slowing down. Richly photographed, and featuring brilliant writing by one of America’s top music critics as well as a foreword by Peter Ames Carlin (author of the bestselling biography Bruce), this is a must-have for Springsteen’s millions of fans.”

About the Author:

“Ryan White is a music critic who has twice been voted one of America’s best writers by the Society for Features Journalism. After a decade covering sports for the Oregonian, he became the paper’s music writer in 2009, penning his first article on Springsteen’s Devils & Dust tour. Highly regarded as one of the most important and influential writers working out of Portland—one of the hottest music cities in the United States—his column has given many successful Pacific Northwest bands their first press exposure. He appears regularly on radio shows including Live Wire! and Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Think Out Loud program discussing the week’s cultural events. He has written extensively on Bruce Springsteen, most recently covering his 2012 tour. White lives in Portland, OR.”

“Foreword author Peter Ames Carlin is a journalist, critic, and author. He speaks regularly on music, art, and popular culture and has been the senior writer at People magazine and a TV critic for the Oregonian newspaper. An author of several books including Catch a Wave: The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson (Rodale) and Paul McCartney: A Life (Touchstone), his latest, Bruce (Touchstone), is the bestselling biography of Bruce Springsteen published in 2012. He lives in Portland, OR.”

More info: Springsteen: Album by Album @

Bruce Springsteen – High Hopes – New Album! Amazon Exclusive DVD

Bruce Springsteen – High Hopes – New Album coming in 2014! Amazon Exclusive Wrecking Ball World Tour DVD

Bruce Springsteen_High_Hopes_album_cover_

‘High Hopes’ finds Bruce Springsteen in a number of different musical settings, and includes the E Street Band members in various large and small combinations as well as guitarist Tom Morello on eight tracks. Besides Morello, the album also includes appearances on several songs by Clarence Clemons, who passed away in 2011, and Danny Federici, who passed away in 2008, on what Springsteen calls “some of our best unreleased material from the past decade.” The album was recorded in New Jersey, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Australia and New York City and marks Springsteen’s 18th studio album. As Bruce writes in the albums liner notes, “I felt they were among the best of my writing and deserved a proper studio recording.”

Bruce Springsteen – High Hopes – Track list:

1. High Hopes (Tim Scott McConnell) – featuring Tom Morello
2. Harry’s Place * – featuring Tom Morello
3. American Skin (41 Shots) – featuring Tom Morello
4. Just Like Fire Would (Chris J. Bailey) – featuring Tom Morello
5. Down In The Hole *
6. Heaven’s Wall ** – featuring Tom Morello
7. Frankie Fell In Love
8. This Is Your Sword
9. Hunter Of Invisible Game * – featuring Tom Morello
10. The Ghost of Tom Joad – duet with Tom Morello
11. The Wall
12. Dream Baby Dream (Martin Rev and Alan Vega) – featuring Tom Morello

All songs written by Bruce Springsteen except as noted

Album produced by Ron Aniello with Bruce Springsteen

*Produced by Brendan O’Brien

**Produced by Brendan O’Brien, co-produced by Ron Aniello with Bruce Springsteen

Release dates: January 14, 2014

The AMAZON BONUS LIMITED EDITION* version also includes a live DVD of Bruce and the E Street Band performing the entire “Born In The U.S.A.” album in London, England, during the historic Wrecking Ball World Tour.

Buy from Amazon:

High Hopes album is available on CD/MP3/Vinyl

*This version will be available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.

High Hopes – 2014 Studio Version:

High Hopes from 1996 release “Blood Brothers (EP)”

Dream Baby Dream:

High Hopes (Spotify):

Dream Baby Dream (Spotify):

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