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My thoughts about the new Springsteen album High Hopes

Upcoming Bruce Springsteen album High Hopes (2014) – My thoughts Let’s start with the cover. Bruce started using Twitter in last August (2013), and clearly he is following the latest trends with the Instagram styled album covers. High Hopes (the album) and single both have similar Instagram styled photos. High Hopes album cover has double

Bruce Springsteen – Listen clips from the Wrecking Ball album

Bruce Springsteen Wrecking Ball Album Presentation Paris 16 Feb 2012 Video includes clips of “We Take Care Of Our Own”, “Easy Money”, “Wrecking Ball”, “Shackled And Drawn”, “Jack Of All Trades” and “Land Of Hope And Dreams” from the upcoming Bruce Springsteen album “Wrecking Ball“. Read Wrecking Ball reviews: Bruce Springsteen – The Boss is