Bruce Springsteen – Prove It All Night 2012-08-15 Fenway Park, Boston, MA

Bruce Springsteen – Prove It All Night ’78  (3cam mix + dubbed audio) 2012-08-15 Fenway Park, Boston, MA

Bruce Springsteen 2012-08-15 Prove It All Night  (3cam mix + dubbed audio) uploaded to the Brucetapes YouTube account:

Bruce Springsteen – Prove It All Night with ’78 intro (Live):

I don’t how many times Bruce has played this gem on this tour so far, but this is clearly the best one yet. Intro is much longer than on the previous concerts, and his guitar playing is getting better and better as the tour goes on. Before this tour I was 100% sure that we won’t ever hear the ’78 intro version ever again. Hearing this live in Helsinki was one of my summer highlights. Maybe one day I will edit the Helsinki version too…

Info about the Prove It All Night video:

3 videos was used to make this video. I had stabilize each video twice to get them watchable. Each time you stabilize a video it will zoom in a bit. This means you’re gonna lose some quality with every stabilization. I know youtube has it’s own algorithm, but it’s pretty bad compared to what vReveal 2 can offer. It took about 10 hours to render all the videos twice + make the final render mix.

Video was once again dubbed with great audience recording by Bakerstuff. This time I used bit of EQ to make that guitar intro “pop” bit more.

Hope you like the results!

Video: Youtube (3 sources)
Audio: Bakerstuff (Church Audio CA-14 Cardioids> CA-UGLY PreAmp > Edirol R-09HR > CD Wave Editor > Cool Edit Pro for boosts and fades > Trader’s Little Helper > FLAC

Software used to make this video: Sony Movie Studio 10 HD Suite (Video & Audio) + vReveal 2 (Video)

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Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Paramount Theatre, Portland Oregon December 19, 1978

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Paramount Theatre, Portland Oregon – December 19, 1978

Original release notes:

Recorded by Taperpat; 1 Sony ECM-18n + 1 Sennheiser mic> Sony TC-152SD

Recorded from far right balcony; Mics on railing; front row balcony tickets were scored by Matt Williams from a company source so we were surrounded by guys in Columbia jackets which added to the normal recording paranoia, so like all good Deadheads, we immediately added some vitamin L to the evening. Needless to say, a most memorable concert and still, by far, my favorite Bruce show.

Transfer and FLAC encoding by David Minches:
Master played back on Nak Dragon> Grace Lunatec V3 (24/96)> Digital Audio Labs Card Deluxe> Adobe Audition 2.0> (dither/downsample)> FLAC encoding

disc 1:

01. Crowd and Tuning
02. Good Rockin’ tonight>
03. Badlands>
04. Streets of fire
05. Spirit in the night
06. Rendezvous
07. Darkness on the edge of town
08. Independence day
09. The promised land
10. Prove it all night
11. Racing in the street*>
12. Thunder road *
13. Jungleland **

disc 2:

01. Tuning
02. The ties that bind
03. Christmas Rap>
04. Santa Claus is comin’ to town
05. Rave on
06. Fire
07. Candy’s room
08. Because the night
09. Point blank
10. Mona>
11. She’s the one
12. Backstreets

disc 3:

01. Tuning
02. Rosalita (Come out tonight)
03. Born to run
04. Detroit Medley
05. 10th avenue freeze-out
06. Quarter to three

* Left channel was remixed to be 75% of the right plus 25% of the original left due to recording problems
** tape flip cross faded

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Bruce Springsteen – New tape release “Coup De Grace” – September 21, 1978

Bruce Springsteen – Coup de Grace, Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ – September 21, 1978

JEMS has released another great tape transfer from 1978:

Date: 1978-09-21
Location: Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey

JEMS Archive

2011 transfer: 1/2-track, 15 IPS master soundboard reels >
azimuth-adjusted playback on professional reel to reel > 24/96 capture
to .wav > Nuendo 4 edit, mastering and resample with iZotope, Waves
and Slate plug-ins > FLAC

01 Intro
02 High School Confidential (patch at the start from extant board tape)
03 Badlands
04 Spirit in the Night
05 Darkness on the Edge of Town
06 Sweet Little Sixteen
07 Independence Day
08 The Promised Land
09 Prove It All Night
10 Racing in the Street
11 Thunder Road
12 Meeting Across the River
13 Jungleland
14 Set Outro
15 Set Intro
16 Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town
17 Fire
18 Candy’s Room
19 Because the Night
20 Point Blank
21 Kitty’s Back
22 The Fever
23 Incident on 57th Street
24 Rosalita
25 Born to Run
26 Tenth Avenue Freeze-out
27 Twist and Shout

“Like The Dark Knight Rises, so too must the Passaic trilogy come to an end.

JEMS is pleased to release another significant Darkness tour upgrade,
this the third and final show at the Capitol Theatre, two nights
removed from the historic radio broadcast that would go on to become
one of, if not the most bootlegged recordings in Springsteen history,
Piece De Resistance. In homage to that bootleg classic, and in keeping
with our upgraded second night title, Douceur de Vivre, we’ve dubbed
the third night Coup de Grace, apropos, as it translates to “the
finishing blow.” Of course there’s a case to be made for going with
Bon Anniversaire, as at this show Bruce’s birthday (still two days
hence) was celebrated with a giant cake featuring an unusual filling.

The set continues the looser vibe of the previous night and offers
some appealing changes, including the return of “Racing in the
Street,” covers of “High School Confidential” and “Sweet Little
Sixteen” (introduced, per Brucebase Wiki, as “a birthday song to
myself”) and a welcome performance of “The Fever.” The show is also
one of seven known performances of “Incident on 57th Street” straight
into “Rosalita.”

Like Douceur de Vivre, what makes Coup de Grace so special is that it
was professionally recorded on reel to reel by a mobile recording
truck outside the theatre. The result is another live-as-it-happened
recording of incredible clarity. Again, that isn’t to say it is a
multi-track, mixdown; Coup is a raw, mixed-on-the-fly, wide stereo
recording done on 1/2 track at 15 inches per second. Compared to the
cassette sources circulating of other raw board tapes from this tour,
the quality here should be a revelation. Samples provided.

The transfer was handled as JEMS did for last year’s upgrade of The
Ties That Bind and Douceur de Vivre so I’ll quote those notes once
more: “There was baking involved, as the tapes had degraded in the [33
years that had passed]. The reel-to-reel tape deck was best of breed,
what the pros use, in a proper studio, calibrated and adjusted in
every way for optimal playback and capture at 24/96 using the best
possible sound card, cabling, etc.”

There was one missing piece on the new reels, oddly right at the start
where somebody must have forgotten to push record and missed the
beginning of “High School Confidential.” WWe’ve patched that in from
the extant cassette board source (thank you A). On the bright side,
“Tenth Avenue Freeze-out” is now complete and we get to hear for the
first time ever the previously missing encore-closer, “Twist and

Your guest mastering engineer this time around is our respected
colleague and friend Hoserama, who you should know from his incredible
work (often described as better than official releases) on matrix
recordings from recent tours. He made these tapes sound as good as
they possibly could. Thanks H.

Please respect our wishes DO NOT post this on DIME.
Please respect our wishes and DO NOT REMASTER AND CIRCULATE any new or
remastered versions of this recording.

Wayne Darlington

Hoserama Remaster Notes:
Overall very solid recording. Love the stereo panning, tried to bring a lot of that out. My biggest issue with the recording is low lead vocals at times. Tried some tricks to bring it out, but not something you can easily draw out. I did a mix-mash of processing, but tried to keep the natural sound of the recording. Hope you like it. Thanks to the JEMS crew for tapping me for this project!”

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Bruce Springsteen – Live In Passaic – September 20th 1978 – New video source!

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band – “Live In Passaic – September 20th 1978”

Location: Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ
Date: September 20, 1978

Release: JEMS Archive/Brucevideos

New Video Source/2011 transfer: production Beta cassette > restored Sony Betamax > uncompressed video capture (image stabilization, timebase correction, etc.) > Adobe Premiere > Auto Color / Crop filters > MPEG2 @ average 7.7mbps > MPEG Video Wizard > DVD Lab Pro

New Audio Source/2011 transfer: 1/2-track, 15 IPS master soundboard reels (baked for playback) > azimuth-adjusted playback on professional reel to reel > 24/96 capture > down sample > Sound Forge 9 (resample to 48k, time stretch filter for sync, compression, eq)

Screenshots: View album

Live In Passaic – Disc 1 (dual layer)

Good Rockin’ Tonight
Spirit In The Night
Darkness On The Edge Of Town
Independence Day
The Promised Land
Prove It All Night
It’s My Life
Thunder Road
Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town
Candy’s Room
Because The Night
Point Blank

Kitty’s Back

Live In Passaic Disc 2

Incident On 57th Street
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
Born To Run
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
Detroit Medley
Twist And Shout

“The classic revisited. Along with the pro-shot recordings from the Capital Centre 1978 and 1980, the in-house, black-and-white video from the second night at the Capitol Theatre has been beloved by fans and collectors for more than 30 years and with good reason. Recorded one day after the famous Piece De Resistance radio broadcast, 9/20 in another special show with a looser vibe (the pressure of playing for his entire northeast fanbase on the live broadcast was lifted) and a few key setlist changes, among them “Incident on 57th Street.”

While the 9/20 video has circulated among fans almost since the day it was recorded, a number of factors have conspired to undermine its quality. First, there’s the inherent problem of analog video, which loses quality with each successive generation. The master tapes for the Capitol Theater were supposedly recorded on a 3/4-inch, U-matic tape format, good for its time, but mediocre compared to the formats that followed. Then there’s the camera problem.

The cameras at Capitol Theatre employed auto-exposure control, and, as the veteran video technician who handled this transfer explains, “With those cameras, if the light got low, the cameras would automatically increase gain. But the gain would be the overall output, including blacks and sync. That’s why it gets washed out. The black level is increasing. Cameras today don’t do that.” If you saw the recent sample from this show posted by Wolfgang’s Vault, you saw the problem in spades. (And if you’re asking, who knows if WV’s promised future remastered version of the show will be an upgrade, but since it will only ever be available as a web stream it doesn’t really matter).

Couple the camera issue with inferior consumer video tape formats and bad analog transfer chains, and it is no wonder that the best circulating copy (generally considered to be the MilesHai version) is awash in gray, with significant loss of detail, especially from the camera at the foot of the stage. At times, Bruce’s face is completely blown out.

To the best of our knowledge, no circulating copy of the 9/20 video comes from a verified generation and this copy is no exception. However, there are two good reasons to believe this is the lowest-generation copy to be converted to DVD. First, the source is a production Beta tape acquired circa 1978-79. Second, an A-B comparison of the uncompressed transfer shows considerably more detail and contrast than previous versions. The result is a materially better picture. The auto-exposure effects can’t be fixed, but there is a very watchable result.

Pete took the uncompressed transfer, and utilized Adobe Premiere’s Auto Color filter to reduce the impact of the auto-exposure effects. The result is a substantial improvement, particularly to that camera at the foot of the stage. The video was gently compressed to fit onto two DVDs (one DVD-9/dual layer and one standard DVD).

But not before he painstakingly synced a brand new soundboard audio source to the video to improve both sound and picture. A couple of minor patches from the video soundtrack aside, the new audio is sourced from actual master reels recorded the night of the show. The Darkness tour may never have sounded this good before.

The new audio source does offer some previously missing bits – “Thunder Road” is now complete, and while “Jungleland” and “Incident” are still cut on the video, the audio is complete and included here. Two patches to the audio were required, the start of “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” and the end of “Twist And Shout”. Both utilize the original video audio.

This project has been one of our most ambitious to date, from tracking down the new video and audio sources, to baking the reels, to getting a very old Beta tape to track properly, to hours upon hours of work syncing the audio by Pete (thanks for partnering on this sir; we couldn’t have done it without you). We hope you enjoy and appreciate the upgrade. Samples/screen grabs provided.

Butterking for JEMS”

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