Bruce Springsteen Bootleg Guide

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Bruce Springsteen - Official releases:

Bruce Springsteen - Store - Amazon's Bruce Springsteen Store, Great place to find cheap official releases (remember to check out the "used and new" to get real bargains. Buying via this link you also support Brucetapes. :)

Bruce Springsteen - Info & Lyrics:

Brucebase - Wiki - Largest Bruce Springsteen site on the net - Detailed information on all Springsteen concerts and songs. Essential to any Bruce Springsteen fan. - Largest Bruce Springsteen lyrics archive. from Old Steel Mill lyrics to latest albums.
Brucelegs - Bruce Springsteen CD "Brucelegs" Version 4.0 - Brucelegs site haven't been updated for more than 8 years, and it's still the number one bootleg site for those are looking info about "official" bootleg releases.
Lost In The Flood - The Bruce Springsteen Collector's Page. If you collect an official Bruce Springsteen releases, this is THE site. Just don't get an Ebay addiction (trust me).

Bruce Springsteen - Blogs:

Boss Tracks - Nice blog covering...well...Bruce Tracks. Bootleg news, downloads and reviews, and much much more. Make sure you check it out. Supports RSS feeds.
Blogness on the Edge of Town - Another nice blog. Supports RSS feeds.

Bruce Springsteen - Message boards

Greasy Lake - Bunch that celebrate Bruce's Entire Catalog.
Stone Pony London - Bunch that doesn't celebrate Bruce's Entire Catalog. More bootleg centric message board.
Backstreets - An official Backstreets magazine forum. They surely like to play games.

Bruce Springsteen Torrent sites -  Bootlegs:


Jungleland - Only Bruce Springsteen torrents. Requires registration. Essential for building up your Bruceleg (bootleg) collection. Lossless bootlegs only (FLAC, SHN etc.)
Dimeadozen - One of the largest Bootleg torrent sites. Many Springsteen shows available. Requires registration. Limited to 100 000 people. Non-active accounts gets removed often to make space to new users. Lossless bootlegs only (mostly Flac)
The Trader's Den - Some Bruce Springsteen shows available. Requires registration. Also videos. Lossles bootlegs (Flac) and videos.
The HungerCity - Nice torrent site with few Bruce  Springsteen shows. Great place for Bob Dylan fans. Requires registration. Lossless bootlegs (FLAC)
Zomb Tracker - Another site with few Springsteen boots. Requires registration. Lossless bootlegs (FLAC) Community Bittorrent Tracker - Only taper friendly bands. No Bruce Springsteen bootleg shows. No registration required. Lossless bootlegs (FLAC)


 Presidents Of The USA / PUSA - Concerts & Shows- Webmaster's other project. Site dedicated to the Seattle band named The Presidents Of The United States Of America (PUSA).
Old Photo Restorations - Webmaster's photo restorations. If you have old Steel Mill etc. pictures you want to fix. Let me know!