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Why the name Brucetapes?

Originally this site started as a database for Bruce Springsteen concert recordings from 70’s. Goal was to find out all the different versions from the each show, and see what is the best sounding and most complete version out there. And to help people who have old concert tapes hidden in boxes to find out, if they have something better than what is currently circulating. I still have the old “tape” archives hidden behind this blog interface, and I’m planning on adding them back in some form.

When the Wrecking Ball tour was announced, I thought it would be nice to share all the possible info from each concert (set list, photos, videos, reviews, press stuff, discussion links etc..). I did the same thing with other band site that I’m running, and I got so much positive feedback, and I thought Bruce Springsteen fans would appreciate this too. I’m presenting all the info like I as a fan would like to see them. It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it!

How can I help?

I’m using Youtube, Google, Bruce Springsteen fan forums etc. as my main tools to search all the possible info about each show. Of course I can’t find all of the reviews, photos, videos by myself. I’m more than happy to receive all the help I can get.

See other ways how to help with the site.

I want to record Bruce Springsteen concerts. Any gear suggestions?

I have heard nice things about Zoom’s portable recorders (newbie friendly devices). As for video and photos, I’d go with ultra compact zoom cameras like Panasonic Lumix and Canon Ixus HS series.

Best camera phone: There simply isn’t any competition against Nokia 808 Pureview. Click here for more info.

2013 update: Looking for the best concert camera phone (2013)? – Brucetapes.com

How To Download Bruce Springsteen Videos From Youtube?

It’s pretty easy. I wrote a guide about it here: Guide: How To Download Videos From Youtube.


Why are you promoting iHerb products?

I don’t like ads. I’m trying to keep low amount of ads. I use iHerb products daily, and it’s a great place to buy cheap and great health products. They also have a great rewards system. You get a $5 dollar discount from your first order (or $10 on order over $40), and I get my hosting and domain bills paid. I call it a win-win situation.

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Where to get Bruce Springsteen bootlegs, torrents etc.?

You can find all the info you need via Google. Bruce Springsteen fan discussion forums also have their own sections for bootlegs. Just remember: Never pay for bootlegs!

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