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  1. Hello Bruce Fans!

    I’m 33and from Germany, but live in Austria, Europe near Vienna. I’m workin’ in a bigger factory of Vienna, mostly at nightshift.

    Thanks for sharing some my audio files from Atlanta, N.Y. Apollo and Austin on your great webside!
    I will do my best further up on the net to collect good live streams when there was no video available. It’s great for me too, to see the audio-links of some of my uploaded great songs by Bruce on your webside.
    Any songs of the bruce concerts will be strickly checked by me before uploading. That’s for sure!
    Hope I’ll get good streams from Tampa and following concerts too.

    For completing Greensboro Colisium 3-19-12, I just need this 13th song, called Shackled & Drawn (played between ‘Apollo Medley’ and ‘Because The Night)
    Is there any chance to get this greensboro-song or can you send me the link if someone is uploading it. It would be so great for me to complete the next concert of this Wrecking Ball-Tour 2012.

    Greetings from Vienna, Austria

  2. philly,3/28/12,during the appollo medley,before the crowd surf he went over to a little girl,reached in his pocket and gave her his pick.that little girl is my 8 yearold daughter,been trying for a week now to get a picture of this.can you help me?

  3. I love bruce. Love wreckingball. I have seen him before in concert and need to know when he is coming to the west coast. PORTLAND OR, or Tacoma Wa. Please bruce don.t forget about the west side. We, I. love you and want to take my niece and nephew to see you. Show them what tallent realy is. Someone keep me posted please on upcoming events featuring the BOSS!!!! Thanks

  4. Still hunting around for a Cleveland download, anyone have any links?

    Paul Andicot’s You Tube page seems to have been removed by the way along with all the playlists from the tour up until Albany (which not long after he completed uploading it his site went dead!)

  5. Any word on a recording of the Cleveland show (4/17/12) ?!?! Was an awesome night but surprised its not out…

  6. Saw Bruce & E Street in L.A. 4/26/12 for fist time but a fan from the 70’s. I’m 55 and became disabled 2 years ago and he was on my bucket list. An incredible show. Enjoyed the new horns and the really nice tribute to CC.

  7. Hi everyone, i need please a little help, i tried to google it but i don’t find an answer.
    So, the question is, i purchased through Stubhub 2 tickets for Bruce’s concert for sept 22nd 2012 at metlife stadium,NJ, the tickets were for PIT GA section seats 1-2, but the tickets i got in my hands now they say section GA,rowGA4 seats 392-393. I contacted them and they said that the GA is only one and if i want to reach the stage area i just have to go there early.
    I’m not sure if i got the wrong tickets or they’re are correct, because when i checked the stadium map for the concert the PIT GA section is kind of separate from the rest.
    Please let me know.

    • I’d be interested to hear any feedback here. I have tix to the Fenway show in August. My tix are Pit GA. I assume we are in the small separate section in front of the stage. Does anyone know how many tickets are typically allotted for the pit section? Are you actually right in front of the stage?


  8. Por favor, en San Sebastian tienen que sonar “Outlaw Pete” y “The River”, nos haría muy felices. Gracias

    Un saludo

    Nos vemos el día 2 en Donosti

  9. Hey there,

    my videos of “Sherry Darling” and “Thunder Road” from this year’s gig in Frankfurt are on youtube now.
    Best wishes

  10. no idea were to go or who to talk to but thought i could start here…my fiance is going to the concert on sept 7th in chicago and ill be in cali trainin to deploy again to afgahanistan. she is obsessed with bruce springsteen i want to get him to dedicate a song to her from me..i know its a long shot but i thoughted i try
    anyone have any idea how to make this happend id appretiate the help

  11. do you have any pictures or vidoes of the little girl getting the harmonica after the Promised Land. she was mine and we would love to get a photo of that momment..

  12. Hi there,
    I was wondering if there was any possible way to get a DVD copy of the Moncton concert. I was there and I would love to be able to buy the concert DVD if there are any. I have some from other concerts he have put off but I’d like to have the one from Moncton. Any suggestions?


    here is the speech springsteen made during his first concert after being so horribly effected by Hurricane Sandy. I have a bunch of other videos from this concert on my youtube channel, but I want to spread Bruce’s message as far as I can! Help me out with this guys!! Jersey will come back bigger and better than ever after this devestation. ‘With These Hands’ the state will rise from this disaster and grow!!

  14. Does anyone have any photos or video from “Dancing in the Dark” at the Rochester Halloween show? My daughter was the first girl who danced, the one with the sign that read,”34 years ago my mom danced with you…”

    Kathy Smith

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  16. When is he comming to Buenos Aires, Argentina?? We have been waiting for so long!
    Bruce you´re always on fire!!!!

    WMNF, Tampa Non-Profit Community Radio—It’s the Music
    From: Flee (Lee Courtney) Music Director
    CONTACT: Flee or 727-397-7217

    WMNF Presents:
    Bruuuuce!–Bruce Springsteen’s 65th Birthday Tribute

    • Over 20 bands/performers.
    • More than 50 Springsteen songs.
    • Talk to Mark performing Born to Run in its entirety.
    • 10 Singer/Song writers will each perform a song, in order from Nebraska.
    • Prize for the best audience air saxophone performance.
    • Prove It All Night—open mic beginning at 4pm for all Bruce Springsteen wanabes.

    More details and bands performing to follow this week.

    Saturday, September 27th
    4 to Midnight

    It’s been almost 40 years since Bruce Springsteen burst on the national scene in 1975, since then he has released more than 20 albums and over 250 songs. Bruce Springsteen is that rarity among popular musicians, an artist consistently selling millions of albums and selling out arenas and while still garnering widespread critical acclaim. He is still putting out critical and popular albums to this day—even as he approaches retirement age. His live shows are still the gold standard—only Phish and the Rolling Stones come close to the quality and quantity of his typical 3-hour concerts.

    But even Bruce can’t do what WMNF is going to do—put on an 8 hour Bruce Springsteen concert featuring at least 50 of his greatest hits. (Of course it takes 20 bands to do it.) Not only will you hear lot’s of great songs—but you will be able to see Born to Run performed in its entirety by the expanded Talk to Mark band, but 10 singer/songwriters will each perform one song each in order from Bruce’s acoustic masterpiece Nebraska.

    Skipper’s Smokehouse,
    910 Skipper Rd, Tampa, FL 33613
    $13 advance and until 7pm day of the show/$16 door after 7pm.
    Kids 12 and under FREE.

    For tickets: 813-238-8001 or and all WMNF outlets

  18. Your Prove It All Night from Landover 1978 on Blu-ray that is on Youtube looks great!
    From what source did you transfer it to Blu-ray?

  19. It was sourced from one of the DVDs that’s circulating, I just “remastered” it and made the blu-ray title as joke, so people would request that from Bruce & co. If the remaster would be done from the original tapes without extra encoding, it would look 10x better. 🙂

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