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I Could Have a Been a School Shooter

Open Letter to Little Steven Van Zandt and Donald Trump | You Don’t Believe in Mental Illness? Here is my take on take on school shootings in general. There is just too many of them happening! This blog post tells my “survival” story. Catalyst to write my story became from this tweet: Steven Van Zandt

New Life of the Brucetapes Blog

Brucetapes Bruce Springsteen Blog Finally Resurrected Status of the Brucetapes blog: I promised to myself that I would be a more open person in 2018. I’m an introvert. So, it’s much more conformable for me to talk openly online, rather than be in social situations all the time. How did I, or the others introverts

Dancing in the Dark Saved My Life

How Dancing in the Dark Saved My Life – Another Misunderstood Song by Bruce Springsteen Dancing in the Dark, a life saver? How can this light upbeat hit song Dancing in the Dark can lives? Out of Bruce Springsteen’s song catalog, many fans would replace this song with a rarity, rather than hearing it on