An Appreciation of Max Weinberg

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Mighty Max Weinberg – One of the Best Drummers

Max Weinberg doesn’t make a big sound about himself, but his drumming skills ranks high. Each drummer has their own style. Max Weinberg’s drumming style is solid like a train, steady as a human metronome. Even thought his drumming might be accurate as a metronome. He certainly doesn’t make the drums sound boring at all. He has a built-in dynamic compressor. Even with the simplest drum tracks he manages to add various layers with his drumming. I think his finest work with Bruce Springsteen can be heard from The Ties That Bind: The River Collection.

How can you tell a difference between drummers? It’s nearly impossible to compare drummers, because of the different drum-sets, even with drum battles, different mic locations alters the overall sound.

I honestly don’t know much about drumming, but I do trust my ears.

Check out the “Death From Above 1979 – Romantic Rights” video below. Where Max Weinberg joins the band in 2:30 mark. He makes the Death from Above 1979 drummer look like an amateur. Even though there is nothing wrong with the drumming at the beginning. Difference is just like a night and day. Max takes this song into whole new level. How often you can do a direct comparison between two drummers with exactly the same drum set? Yes, world is filled with drum battles, but this is something totally different:

Once you have watched this from start to end. Go back to start, and you’ll get stunned by the difference. Song is pretty good too. πŸ™‚


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