Second Open Letter to Steven Van Zandt

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Second Open Letter to Steven Van Zandt – Bruce Springsteen Take a Notice

Dear Mr. Van Zandt

This is the second open letter I’m writing to you. I’ve been trying to reach you for weeks. You are worried about what is happening in our schools. Me too. It’s 4am in Finland, and I can’t sleep before I have finished this. I’m not a celebrity. I want my voice to be heard. Just read this next line, that’s all I’m asking:

Bullying -> Mental Illness -> Guns -> School Shooting

That’s the story I’ve been trying to say to you. You said you don’t believe in mental illness. You keep saying that guns should be banned. Those are not the roots of the problem. It’s the bullying in schools. That’s the reason I wrote my book. Bullying is a not a powerful word. It doesn’t describe the hell you’ve gone through. It’s not a harmless fun. Bullying is a real disease. Something has to be done. Not tomorrow, today!

I was on a route to be a school shooter. I wasn’t mentally ill before I went to high school. I got bullied so bad, it made me mentally ill. I’m still mentally ill, but I accept that. Only thing that saved me was music. Music from your friend Bruce Springsteen. I know it sounds silly, but it’s 110% true. My book only got 50 pages. Kids and adults have a short attention span these days, that’s why it’s short. It takes about 90 minutes to read it. This blog post has the synopsis. All you need to know. I don’t have your contact info. I’d love to send my book to you, if you have 90 minutes to spare.

Hopefully you’ll pal Bruce Springsteen also takes a notice. I know that man has helped a lot. Helping out Vietnam veterans to get their voice to be heard. Helping out with 9/11… Bullying sounds like a kids play, but it’s killing our youth. It’s a silent killer. How many anti-bulling rock concerts you’ve seen from artists that can make a difference? ZERO!

Yes, it’s not the right time to promote this book, but when is the right time? Week ago when it got published? I contacted hundreds of places from anti-bullying organizations to newspapers. Not a single reply. Like I said. I’m not famous. Make a difference.

I’m getting frustrated and tired.

Best regards

Oskari Olli




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