I Don’t Like Born to Run

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Bruce Springsteen Fan Who Doesn’t Like Born to Run?
Born to Run

Few days ago someone over the Facebook said that he doesn’t like the Darkness on the Edge of Town album at all. I thought that was a pretty damn bold move! Makes me more easy to say that I don’t like Born to Run (Song, not the album or biography). I try to explain why. Maybe there are others like me?

How can I be a Bruce Springsteen fan, and not like Born to Run?

1. I don’t like it musically. Lyrically there is nothing wrong, I sometimes quote the lyrics. It’s just filled with different instruments that doesn’t contribute anything. It’s like each instrument is playing a different song. It’s a big mess.

2. First 10 seconds sounds like a badly scratched CD. They invented the repeating CD sound in 1974! I can’t listen the track without thinking about scratched CD.

3. Bruce mumbles half the track to his beard. Maybe I hate it, because that’s my style of talking. I mumble. I hate it.

4. Studio track is has a bad sound quality. It was the first track that recorded for the album, and it was recorded in the 914 Sound Studios. I think the whole album suffers sonically from this track. They had to make rest of the album sound similar, otherwise it would have sounded like out of place. Born to Run song was also released way before the album was released. It was already a hit.

5. Reasons above I skip the track pretty much every time I’ll play the album. Same goes, if the song is on the radio. I usually check, if there is anything else going.

There I said it! Now waiting for the first stone to fly. Enjoying my morning coffee.


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