Albums That Bruce Springsteen Fans Should Own – Pt. 3

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Paul Thorn – A Long Way from Tupelo

Paul Thorn has an interesting backstory. Before the music career he was a professional boxer. He must have been a pretty good boxer too, as the is no boxer nose to be seen. Paul is also the son of a preacher man. Now that’s a mix you wouldn’t often see in a music business. Well, I certainly don’t know anyone else.

A Long Way from Tupelo


What kind of music we are talking here? Mixed with rock, blues, soul, gospel and country. Some tracks have very tasty ZZ Top stylish blues licks. Kinda wish that there would be even more blues vibes.

Yes, there are some religious stuff mixed in, it doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t have religious views myself, but I don’t call myself an atheist.

Some humor can been found from the tracks too. My favorite is “I’m Still Here“. I don’t want to spoil it. Just listen! I found myself grinning each and every time.

I always do a plenty background search when I write my blog posts. Paul Thorn’s songs are mostly real stories: “Yeah. I could easily say that 90 percent of them are real.” (source). You can easily tell. You can hear the honesty. If you enjoy everyday stories. It’s easy to recommend “A Long Way from Tupelo” album, and Paul Thorn in general. From interviews I’ve read, seems to be a very down to earth humble guy.

This album makes me feel good. There is always a perfect time to listen some Paul Thorn. It will lower your blood pressure.

Listen on Spotify:

I feel kinda stupid writing these “reviews” on modern times, where you can just listen the album with one click or tap, or maybe even with one well focused stare.

Other work:

Paul Thorn’s song What the Hell Is Goin’ On should be attached after every news story featuring something bad, where you just shake your head on disbelief. This song should have millions on listeners on Spotify. Yet, it fails to break even the Top 10 of the Paul Thorn’s popular tracks. What the Hell Is Going On is not on the “A Long Way from Tupelo” album, but I had to mention it separately.

Song you can’t dislike. Song everyone wish that they had been written:

Whenever you are having a bad day. It’s time to listen “It’s a Great Day to Whup Somebody’s Ass: (not available on any album):

If there is a musician that should be more popular, I’d say Paul Thorn (Oh, and L.R Phoenix too, whom I wrote about before).

Bruce Should Take a Note:

Every Paul Thorn album after the debut has been both self-released and self-produced. Giving artistic freedom to do whatever he wants. We are living in a music streaming era. I don’t know why artists should be backed by the major labels, unless it’s a new talent. Bruce Springsteen has been on a scene long enough, and surely has enough money to do whatever he wants. Yet, he is tied to obligations by the label. And yes, Bruce is making millions, and Paul Thorn is making..umm…Living.

I’ve been trying to shake the invisible claimant from my shoulders for years, surely at my 60’s I don’t want to see It anymore. Each to our own. 🙂

Every Album Tells a Story

Back in 2008 when the Late Night with Conan O’Brien still aired in Finland. I always watched the show from start to finish. 9 out of 10 the music guests didn’t make no impact, but Paul Thorn was from a different league. It was the first time I discovered something totally new from the Conan’s show. Too bad you can’t find the performance from YouTube. I couldn’t wait to the get album. One song sold the whole album for me, and that was the “A Long Way from Tupelo”. Still one of my favorites when I ride my bicycle around the town.

Thanks again for reading!


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