Our Dog Doesn’t Like The Fascist Mouse

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Our Dog Doesn’t Like the Fascist Mouse or Stephen King, but She Loves Springsteen Though

When you leave your dog alone, after a family vacation to take care some errands for 30 minutes. You never can tell what might happen when you are not home. Our Broholmer dog Elli is with us pretty much 24/7 and not used to be alone. After a vacation it’s always harder. When “ordinary” life continues. It doesn’t help when she is still a puppy (5 months old).

So, what happens when you are not home? This is what happens!

Our boys wasn’t too happy to notice that their Walt Disney comic book had been ripped apart. A comic book featuring Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse (or as we Springsteen fans also knows him by the name fascist mouse). I’m sure Stevie Van Zandt would approve this action.

Wife surely wasn’t happy to notice that her Stephen King book IT (SE in Finnish), she got as a Christmas present was ripped apart too. Dog is not a big fan of clowns or Stephen King either.

There was one more book available, that she could have taken. It was the Born to Run autobiography that was left intact. You don’t mess around with the Boss! Book is now higher on the bookshelf, just in case. πŸ™‚

How was your Monday?


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