I’m Goin’ Back | The Bo Diddley Rocker Outtake

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This Raw Bo Diddley Rocker Is a Meaner Brother of the She’s the One

If you haven’t heard the Darkness on the Edge of Town Bo outtake “I’m Goin’ Back”, you’re in for a treat! Bo Diddley inspired track with bluesy riffs, old western salon piano, harmonica filled good times rock and roll without stops. I don’t care if he lyrics has been taken from phonebook, this is a reckless car ride. I love the Bruce giving 110% on vocals. Perfect example how much live in studio is always better than recording every instrument separately.

There are plenty of blues influences on Bruce Springsteen’s music. I have always wondered why he haven’t done a more bluesy album. That’s where his roots are. This is another fine example. It’s not always about storytelling, sometimes music can be fun and loud.

Bruce Springsteen – I’m Goin’ Back :


“Recorded at The Record Plant on October 14, 1977. This is fully finished take but the circulating audio is slightly marred by the vocal being buried in the mix. The working titles were “Bo Diddley Rocker” or “Bodo Rocker”

I’m Goin’ Back (aka Bo Diddley Rocker) is one the tracks that’s never been released officially. Thank god for bootlegs. We have a way to listen this gem. There are three possible reasons why this track has never seen the light of day officially.

  1. I’m Goin’ Back is much more heavier than the other Darkness outtakes, and it doesn’t fit to same sound scene. Same goes with the Tracks box-set. It doesn’t fit to it. Bruce likes to have a certain musical theme going. I really hope this will change with the Tracks 2 box-set. One of my all time outtake favorites.
  2. Sound quality. Maybe there is no better sounding outtake available. Brucebase says that the vocal is buried in the mix. I don’t know. This has been long ion my backup hard drive, and it’s taken from my MP3 remasters collection for a personal use. I remember editing this to the harder fuller sound that it deserves (IMO). That’s my preference. I’m sure haters gonna hate. I don’t find anything wrong about the vocal mix. Yes, the vocal track is bit buried, but not too much.Overall the sound quality is really rough, but I think it just adds a character.
  3. It’s not a finished take. Bruce yells out instructions during the song, and I think it’s perfect example why this type of songs should be released.Β  It tells a story how songs gets shaped. I surely hope there won’t be a re-recorded version with a new vocal track, or if it happens. I’d like to see them both released.

No matter what the story is…I would love to hear this live!

New artists take a notice: Always add a Bo Diddley beat based song to your setlist. Crowd will never know what hit them. 110% success each and every time.

Let me know what you think!


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