Dancing in the Dark | The Concert For Valor Video

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Bruce Springsteen – Dancing in the Dark (acoustic version) Video| The Concert For Valor

When I wrote the autobiographical blog post about “how the Dancing in the Dark saved my life“, I did my best to find an acoustic version of the song. I didn’t know it was such a rarely played track acoustically. There are only couple of versions of YouTube. Never been a big fan of Tom Joad tour or Devil’s & Dust tour, so I had no idea about the rarity of the acoustic version. Maybe one day I’ll dig deeper to those tours.

Bruce Springsteen 2014-11-11 – The Mall, Washington, DC (The Concert For Valor)

I liked the concert for Valor version the most. Not only it’s a pro-shot, but also slower and a little different arrangement. Lyrics are more on the spotlight. Message gets delivered better.

Previous version of the The Concert for Valor was not technically perfect. The one that’s on YouTube is low resolution, and the volume is really low. Luckily I was able to find a DVD bootleg copy. I fixed the volume levels, and added 4k upscaling. It should now look much better now, than the other version(s) on Youtube.

No idea how long it will be on YouTube or will it be taken down like many TV broadcasts. Hope it stays there a while. Enjoy while it’s still available. πŸ™‚

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