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Brucetapes Bruce Springsteen Blog Finally Resurrected

Bruce Springsteen

Status of the Brucetapes blog:

I promised to myself that I would be a more open person in 2018. I’m an introvert. So, it’s much more conformable for me to talk openly online, rather than be in social situations all the time. How did I, or the others introverts like me, survive before the Internet? I’ll never know.

Here are some proof that this blog is active again. 7 blog posts under one month must be my all time record!:

1. Dancing in the Dark Saved My Life – Article that I thought I never would write and share. Too many painful memories from the past. Turned me into a huge music fan with a big cost. Longest blog post (or any text) that I have ever written.

2. Bruce Springsteen – Chain Lightning – I love unreleased songs. I’m going to write more about them, and get the Youtube Channel working as well! I rarely promise anything, because I find it a huge burden to carry, if I fail to keep my promise. I want to share more videos with best possible quality.

3. Tom Cochrane – Songs of a Circling Spirit – New series of “Albums That Bruce Springsteen Fans Should Own”. Great album to start.

4. Bruce Springsteen – Largo 1978 Blu-ray – I have gotten so many questions and request about Largo 1978 Blu-ray, that I had to make a blog post of it. Should answer most of the questions.

5. Darkness on the Edge of Town sounding Country Album? – One of my all time heroes, Lee Clayton made couple of great country records that has a very familiar sound.

6. Andy McCoy Channeling The River Album? – Listen a song by Andy McCoy (Hanoi Rocks) that sounds like an outtake from The River album.

7. Bob Dylan Backed by the E Street Band – If you were like me, and didn’t know that the E Street Band played on one of the Bob Dylan’s studio tracks. I suggest to take a look.

I hope I can keep a similar pace.

Blog Updates:

I have also slowly began to update this blog. There are still plenty of stuff I need to update (like the description, info etc. they are all outdated). Currently I’m focusing more on new blog post.

You can now comment using Facebook (I hope it works). Theme, wordpress etc. are also updated. So there are plenty of under the hood updates also.

You Can Support Existence of This Blog by:

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