Bob Dylan: The Complete Album Collection Vol. One

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Bob Dylan - The Complete Album Collection Vol. One

The Bob Dylan Complete Album Collection Vol. One is a colossal box set encompassing the entire official discography of the American songwriter-performer. The collection contains 35 studio titles, 6 live albums, a new 2CD compilation of tracks not included on the original albums, extensive new album-by-album liner notes, and more! A must-have for any collector.

This release really got me thinking. What is the purpose of these releases? If you are a Bob Dylan fan (like me), you most likely have the whole discography already. As for casual listener, 35 CDs is a bit hefty package. Another thing that got me thinking, is the name “Vol. One”. If (and when) Bob decides to release a new album. Do they make a similar 36 CD box-set called “Vol. Two”?

Would I buy a similar Bruce Springsteen box-set? Hell no.

Does this box offer anything new?

“Also included in The Complete Album Collection, Vol. One is Side Tracks, a new two-disc set of songs from non-album singles, compilations and more”

I’m not really that hardcore fan that I can tell if the two-disc set has anything previously unreleased. For me the interesting part is the USB version. Why? Because it has lossless 24-bit versions of each album. Are they upgrades over the excellent SACD releases? I have no idea. Price is too ridiculous to find that one out.. (244.02EUR/$319.98) You gotta be kidding me. Both packages look great, but the prices are so high, that whoever decided them must have been high. “A must-have for any collector”. With this economic situation, you really have to hardcore collector with money burning your pocket.

The Bob Dylan Complete Album Collection Vol. One will be available on Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

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