New video: Bruce Springsteen – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

New video: Bruce Springsteen & Eric Burdon (The Animals) – 2013-07-23 Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

Here we go again. More videos! (see my youtube channel) for previous uploads).

“Next, a real surprise: for the first time on this tour, Eric Burdon came out onstage as a special guest star and Bruce acknowledged that one of the songs he’d learned on that guitar as a kid was “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place.” Eric sang that growling lead as if the record had just come out and the E Street Band more than ably provided the sinuous backing. The entire audience as well as Bruce and the band shouted the chorus. It was not to be believed.” – Brucespringsteen.net

Bruce Springsteen – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Live from Cardiff 2013):

Video & audio info:

Original video by Johan Pieters (click and subscribe!).

Again I only used one camera angle for this video. If anyone wants to have the audio for multicam use, let me know. 🙂

Audio: EBR Recording

Sonic Studios DSM-6>PA6-XP>M Audio Microtrack>
Wavelab>CD Wave Editor>FLAC Level 8

Video editing details:

I used vReveal 2.2 premium to stabilize the video. Audio edited with Reaper 4.4 (tried to remove the echo much as possible) and Video edited with Sony Movie Studio 12 Platinum. I cropped the video to get some zoom to it.

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