VIDEO: Bruce Springsteen – Seeds 2012-11-28 Portland, OR

Bruce Springsteen – Seeds 2012-11-28 Rose Garden, Portland, OR

Bruce Springsteen “Seeds” video from 2012-11-28 Rose Garden, Portland, OR uploaded to the Brucetapes YouTube account:

Bruce Springsteen – Seeds (Live):

Seeds is one of the great rockers that should be played more often. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band nailed this at the Portland gig. I for one have always wondered what the hell happened to the studio version? Maybe on Tracks 2 box?

I used Studio Movie Studio 12 Platinum Suite 12 for the first time to make this video (and with help with vReveal stabilizer), and what a speed upgrade compared to the Version 10 I have used in the past. 🙂

Videos:  ZviZeav and backstreetsboss – Videos taken from Youtube
Audio:  Edirol R-09HR 16/44 with an Audio Technica 8022 binaural microphone

Software used to make this video: Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 12 (Video) + Reaper 4.25 (Audio) + vReveal 2 (Video)

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