Month: December 2012

Bruce Springsteen covers – December 2012

Bruce Springsteen covers: 2013 is soon here, and I have been busy with all the Christmas stuff. Anyways…While the Wrecking Ball Tour is on a break. Here’s some Bruce Springsteen fan covers I’ve found from YouTube: The Four Roads – Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen) Kingdahl – Cover Me (Bruce Springsteen Cover) Brandon Hassur – Tenth

VIDEO: Bruce Springsteen – Seeds 2012-11-28 Portland, OR

Bruce Springsteen – Seeds 2012-11-28 Rose Garden, Portland, OR Bruce Springsteen “Seeds” video from 2012-11-28 Rose Garden, Portland, OR uploaded to the Brucetapes YouTube account: Bruce Springsteen – Seeds (Live): Seeds is one of the great rockers that should be played more often. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band nailed this at the Portland