How to upload and name YouTube videos

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Uploading videos to YouTube, and how to name them properly

While the tour is on a break. Here’s a short guide how to upload videos onto YouTube, and how to name videos properly:

Uploading videos onto YouTube is fairly easy. Just click the upload button on top right corner, and selection page comes up:


Once you have selected the video, uploading process starts immediately.

I usually select “Private or Unlisted” from the Privacy Settings while the video is in the upload mode. Why? It leaves me time to edit title, description, tags etc. Otherwise the video goes to public with missing info. Of course you can add the missing info later, but the search engines won’t be updating that data right away! Making your video harder to find via search engines!

Example video:

Let’s say I’m uploading Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band’s “Prove It All Night” video from the July 31, 2012 concert at the Olympiastadion in Helsinki, Finland.

There are three important fields to fill out:


1. Title:

I prefer this kind of format: Artist – Song – Date & Location

Bruce Springsteen – Prove It All Night – 2012-07-31 Helsinki, Finland

Usually the whole venue & location info doesn’t fit onto title field, and that is where the description box comes handy.

2. Desciption:

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – Prove It All Night (Live) 2012-07-31 Helsinki, Finland

Date: July 31, 2012
Location: Olympiastadion, Helsinki, Finland

More details: Info about the video. Camera, equipment used etc. whatever you want to share about the video.

Website: (Links missing http:// doesn’t come clickable!)

3. Tags:

Add tags related the video. Bruce Springsteen, Helsinki, Live, 2012, E Street Band, Prove It All Night, Olympiastadion, Finland

Youtube uploader also suggest tags for the videos.

Your video is now nicely named, and all the people searching for videos are more than thankful! It’s the little things that count. 🙂

Other tips:

– Please do not add complete setlist, other venues, dates, locations etc. It will make searching out specific videos much much harder!
– Always include date! Otherwise it’s hard to tell which night your video belongs.
– Use notepad (or other text editor) to save your basic video details, and copy-paste those new uploads, and you make video naming even faster. 🙂
– How to get better looking videos: If you encode your videos before uploading. Encode them to 720p or 1080p, EVEN if the video is in lower resolution. Youtube uses better bitrate with 720p/1080p videos, and also sound quality is much better.

Thanks for sharing your videos!

I made a guide about downloading Youtube videos too.

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