Bruce Springsteen 2012-09-22 Metlife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – September 22, 2012 – Metlife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band’s Wrecking Ball 2012 tour hits Metlife Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ. September 22, 2012.

This blog post gathers all the Bruce Springsteen & E Street band concert info from this show. Including Set list details, reviews, press, photos, videos and more!

Feel free to contact me and send any missing info: links to your reviews, photos etc. Thanks!

2012 concert special list can be found here with update info. Concert specials gets updated every now and then.



Setlist & Videos:



Into The Fire
Where The Bands Are
Janey Don’t You Lose Heart
Do You Love Me?
Meeting Across The River
Give The Girl A Kiss



1. Out In The Street (Video #1) (Video #2)
2. The Ties That Bind
3. CYNTHIA* (Video #1) (Video #2) (Video #3) – (Audio #1)
4. Badlands (Video #1) (Video #2) (Video #3) (Video #4) (Video #5)
5. Who’ll Stop The Rain (Video #1) (Video #2) (Video #3)
6. Cover Me (Video #1) (Video #2)
7. Downbound Train (Video #1) (Video #2)
8. We Take Care of Our Own (Video #1 short clip)
9. Wrecking Ball (Video #1)
10. Death to My Hometown
11. My City of Ruins (Video #1) (Video #2 clip)
12. Its Hard To Be A Saint in the City (Video #1) (Video #2)
13. Jole Blon (With Gary U.S. Bonds)
14. This Little Girl is Mine (With Gary U.S. Bonds) (Video #1) (Video #2 short clip)
15. Pay Me My Money Down (Video #1 clip) (Video #2) (Video #3) (Video #4) (Video #5 clip)
16. Janey Don’t You Lose Heart (Video #1) (Video #2)
17. IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR* (Video #1 clip) (Video #2) (Video #3) (Video #4) (Video #5 clip)
18. INTO THE FIRE* (Video #1) (Video #2) (Video #3)
19. Because The Night (Video #1) (Video #2) (Video #3) (Video #4) (Video #5) (Video #6)
20. She’s The One (Video #1) (Video #2)
21. Working on the Highway (Video #1)
22. Shackled and Drawn
23. Waiting on a Sunny Day (Video #1) (Video #2 clip)
24. MEETING ACROSS THE RIVER* (Video #1) (Video #2) (Video #3) (Video #4) (Video #5) (Video #6)
25. Jungleland (Video #1) (Video #2) (Video #3) (Video #4) (Video #5) (Video #6) (Video #7) (Video #8)


26. Thunder Road (Video #1) (Video #2) (Video #3) (Video #4)
27. Rocky Ground (Video #1 clip)
28. Born To Run (Video #1 clip)
29. Glory Days (Video #1) (Video #2 clip) (Video #3 nice)
30. Seven Nights to Rock (Video #1)
31. Dancing In The Dark (Video #1 short clip) (Video #2)
32. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out (Video #1)
33. Twist & Shout (Video #1) (Video #2) (Video #3 clip) (Video #4)

*Tour Premiere



– “Janey Don’t You Lose Heart” was first time played with a full band on this tour.

– “In the Midnight Hour” is a song originally performed by Wilson Pickett in 1965 and released on the 1965 album of the same name, also appearing on the 1966 album The Exciting Wilson Pickett. It was composed by Pickett and Steve Cropper at the historic Lorraine Motel in Memphis where Martin Luther King, Jr. would later be murdered in April 1968. Pickett’s first hit on Atlantic Records, it reached #1 on the R&B charts and peaked at #21 on the pop charts… (Read more)


Listen the whole show (audio)
– Youtube


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  1. Can you help—tried to attend Saturday concert at Meadowlands on 9-22—a disaster the way Met Life handled everything–left after 3 plus hours and then found out he went on at around 1030pm….need to write letter but dont know who to address it to..,,do you know the concert promoter for the wrecking ball tour in nj? any info would be greatly appreciated! thanks for your consideration….sheryl sazfl@aol.com

  2. Where’s the video clips for this concert???? You have had them for every concert up until this one. Pleeeeeease offer the video clips for his birthday bash — it was friggin’ awesome and
    I would like to share them with friends!!!!!

  3. Well…It’s updated now with videos. I’m doing this as a hobby, and I want to spend my time with my family too. 🙂

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