Video: Bruce Springsteen 2012 Moncton – Thunder Road & No Surrender

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Bruce Springsteen – No Surrender & Thunder Road videos from 2012-08-26 Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Two Bruce Springsteen videos (No Surrender & Thunder Road) from 2012-08-26 Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada uploaded to the Brucetapes YouTube account:

Bruce Springsteen – No Surrender (Live):

Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road (Live):

Not the most rare songs out there, but they have pretty solid picture by videoblaster101, and audio source by cikubw(?). Thunder Road starts from blank screen, and about 15 secs the picture comes in. Both videos are stabilized, and then slightly sharpened, as the stabilizing part always zooms in the videos a bit (I think the setting was 112%).

Audio is heavily remastered. I won’t be “remastering” the whole bootleg. So, please do not ask for it. I’m busy enough with this site already. 🙂


Video: Youtube (  – Both videos
Audio: FOB CA-14 cardioids > Tascam DR07mkII (24/48) > SD Card > Audacity (normalize, remove loud claps, amplify, dither 24 bit to 16 bit) > CDWAV for tracking > Traders Little Helper > FLAC (level 8)

Software used to make this video: Sony Movie Studio 10 HD Suite (Video) + Reaper 4.25 (Audio) + vReveal 2 (Video)

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