How the Youtube videos get picked

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How the Youtube videos get picked to the Bruce Springsteen tour specials:

How the Bruce Springsteen videos to the concert specials gets added: Now that’s a strange formula:

Let’s say that Bruce Springsteen plays at the Helsinki, Finland:

1. Next day pretty much every possible clip from this show gets added (that I can find), after that priority goes to full songs that sounds and look great.

2. Clips are added usually when no full performance can be found. Also superb sounding clips, clips from rare songs, and cool close-up clips from the pit gets added.

3. Distorted clips/videos gets only added when there isn’t anything better available. Distorted videos are always marked as “distorted” (So it’s should be safe to click those links without fear of blowing up your ears…)

4. I’m trying to update all the tour specials when I just have enough time. Priority always goes to the latest gig though. 🙂

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