Bruce Springsteen 2012-06-19 Park & Suites Arena, Montpellier, France

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band – June 19, 2012 – Park & Suites Arena, Montpellier, France

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band’s Wrecking Ball tour hits Park & Suites Arena, Montpellier, France. June 19, 2012.

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Setlist & Videos:





1. We Take Care Of Our Own (Video #1) (Video #2) (Video #3)
2. Wrecking Ball (Video #1)
3. Badlands (Video #1 clip) (Video #2 clip)
4. Death To My Hometown (Video #1 clip)
5. My City Of Ruins (Video #1 clip)
6. Spirit In The Night (Video #1 clip) (Video #2)
7. Growin’ Up (Video #1 clip) (Video #2) (Video #3) (Video #4 clip)
8. Jack Of All Trades (Video #1)
9. Candy’s Room (Video #1)
10. Prove It All Night
11. She’s The One
12. Working On The Highway (Video #1)
13. Shackled And Drawn (Video #1 + WOASD) (Video #2 clip)
14. Waiting On A Sunny Day (Video #1 clip) (Video #2)
15. Apollo Medley
16. Point Blank (Video #1) (Video #2) (Video #3) (Video #4) (Video #5)
17. The River (Video #1) (Video #2 clip) (Video #3)
18. The Rising
19. Out In The Street (Video #1) (Video #2)
20. Land Of Hope And Dreams (Video #1)


21. Fire* (Video #1) (Video #2) (Video #3) (Video #4) (Video #5) (Video #6 clip) (Video #7) (Video #8)
22. Rocky Ground
23. Born In The USA (Video #1) (Video #2) (Video #3) (Video #4 + BTR)
24. Born To Run (Video #1) (Video #2) (Video #3) (Video #4)
25. Bobby Jean
26. Seven Nights To Rock
27. Dancing In The Dark
28. Tenth Avenue Freeze Out (Video #1) (Video #2 clip) (Video #3)

*Tour Premiere




Bruce played a guitar outro solo on Prove It All Night


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    the smallest crowd and venue of the whole tour ?? but not the coldest one ! third show for me after Montpellier1985, Milton Keynes ’93 and it is as jubilating as ever !!! and then, what to say when you got offered some tour premieres such as Growing up and Fire ?? Point Blank was just immense ! great night,but please,more indoor venues next time !!

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