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Bruce Springsteen – Best of bootleg torrent sites – Where to Download?


If you are looking Bruce Springsteen bootlegs outside of what the official nugs series has to offer. This blog posts features torrent sites that has bootlegs by Bruce and many other artists.

Or are you are tired of paying huge amount of money for the unofficial bootlegs. I suggest taking a look of the following bootleg torrent sites.

Any of these sites would have been closed down by the music industry, but they know that if these sites would be closed, bootlegs would go to Ebay etc. Internet pretty much killed the whole bootleg business. My short list of features sites that all has been online for over 10 years!

Almost every bootleg torrent site will remove shows (artists) by a request. Some of the sites even has a rules of which artists are allowed! Non-allowed torrents gets removed.

I suggest everyone to support their favorite artists by going to concerts and buy their official releases. That’s what I continue to do. If you go for music streaming services. I suggest Tidal or Apple music subscriptions. They are paying higher rates for the artists than Spotify!

List of places where you can download live bootlegs:

Jungleland – Jungleland site that only has Bruce Springsteen torrents. Requires registration. Essential download place for anyone who wants to get their hands on some Bruce Springsteen bootlegs (FLAC, SHN etc.), Also has a nice selection of videos (DVD).
Dimeadozen – Maybe the largest Bootleg torrent site. There are many Bruce Springsteen bootlegs concerts available. Site requires a registration. Registration is limited to 100 000 people, but non-active accounts gets removed often, to make space to the new users. Dimeadozen has lossless bootlegs only (mostly in Flac format)
The Trader’s Den – Torrent site that has some Bruce Springsteen shows. Requires registration. Also has a nice selection of bootleg videos. Lossless formats and videos (HD/Blu-ray versions are also available for download)
Zomb Tracker – Another site with few Springsteen boots. Requires registration. Lossless bootlegs (FLAC) Community Bittorrent Tracker – only has taper friendly bands. No Bruce Springsteen bootleg shows. No registration required. Lossless bootlegs (FLAC) – Great way to search bootlegs.

Remember: Never sell any of the shows you download!



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