Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball


New album details from iTunes:

Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball – Tracklist:

1 We Take Care of Our Own
2 Easy Money
3 Shackled and Drawn
4 Jack of All Trades
5 Death to My Hometown
6 This Depression
7 Wrecking Ball
8 You’ve Got It
9 Rocky Ground
10 Land of Hope and Dreamss
11 We Are Alive
12. Swallowed Up (Bonus Track)
13. American Land (Bonus Track)

Expected release date: 05 March 2012

source: iTunes

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  1. Poor Bruce, he’s clueless. He takes tax breaks meant for poor farmers by cultivating one microscopic acre on his vast and expensive multi- million dollar estate, but thinks we’ll believe he’s one of us. He’s delusional at best. This is an ok, if plastic sounding song, but use of the lyric ‘Calvary’ is ignorant, it is the hill where Christ was crucified, ‘cavalry’ are troops sent to the rescue. If he was seeking to be ironic or profound, he only came off as a pretentious douche-tard.

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